Santa Is On LinkedIn And His Profile Gives Optimization Tips For Pros

Posted on: December 22, 2023 Posted by: Alexander Krastev Comments: 0

Santa Is On LinkedIn And His Profile Gives Optimization Tips For Pros

Santa Claus is coming to town in a few days but the good news for all professionals worldwide is that he has already come to LinkedIn. Or at least, we know what his presence on the professional network would be thanks to a new illustrative profile prepared by BookMark, an independent LinkedIn marketing agency.

As per his headline, Santa is currently the CEO and Main Distributor of Joy and Holiday Spirit at Santa Claus Update and a “Nice & Naughty List Expert.” He has “over 200 years of experience in great gift-giving and bringing children happiness” and is fluent in “toy development and assembly, reindeer care and sleight piloting, gift delivery logistics, and more Christmas-related activities. His top skills – child happiness and sleigh piloting, of course.

Santa has climbed the whole social ladder to become the master of gift-giving. According to the profile, he started as a mail sorting trainee at the Santa Claus Village Post Offices, spent over 4 years as a reindeer carer, and was even a “Toy Assembly and Development Officer” in the Dolls department. 

“We wanted Santa’s profile to be fun but also an example of the way good professionals can get the best of their LinkedIn profiles without being too polite or too self-promoting,” explains Alexander Krastev, founder of BookMark Agency. “You can see the best practices for posting, how to fill your headline and experience section in order to showcase your entre- or intrapreneurial skills, and even in the dedicated section the combination of Santa’s professional and soft skills has the right balance,” the LinkedIn marketing expert adds.

“Apparently, Santa knows well how important it is to rely on an appealing visual identity as an addition to the quality content you create – look at his excellent cover photo – the call-to-action is clear and he is receiving tons of letters (in the form of messages)”, says Dilyana Deneva, partner at BookMark. 

Santa’s bringing joy even on the professional network – his latest update unveils an exhaustive list of profile optimization tips prepared by BookMark’s experts. And if you are a LinkedIn user and still haven’t sent your letter to the good old man, you can just send him a direct message.

LinkedIn has recently declared over 1 billion users and is the largest professional social network worldwide.