Predictions for the New Year, Algorithm Analysis and Many Questions in the First Episode of “Ask us Anything About LinkedIn” for 2024

Posted on: January 11, 2024 Posted by: Tedy Dimitrova Comments: 0

Predictions for the New Year, Algorithm Analysis and Many Questions in the First Episode of “Ask us Anything About LinkedIn” for 2024

Our ‘Ask Us Anything About LinkedIn’ series is back in 2024! Besides the familiar faces of Dilyana, Alex and Yana, our newest member Emanuel Tonev also joined the episode. This time we started by sharing the details of an experiment we are currently working on, and our forecasts for the upcoming trends and potential features for the new year.

Dilyana has a prediction, or rather, a hope that the LinkedIn Events getting back to how they were before. She believes that going beyond the communication of events through organic posts will make them more popular and users will be keen to engage more with them. If users received notification about recommended content in the specific event,   they would be likely to see and engage with the posts.

This will give you the opportunity to think strategically – what and when to post, so you can remind your audience about your event.

Although event communication is on top of Dilyana’s list, for Yana 2024 is the time for content creators to shine even more. According to her, one of the most efficient ways for them to achieve it is through contributions to collaborative articles – a trend that is going to stay, she claimed. Yana believes that it will go even further – with a special ranking for users according to the evaluation of their opinions. And why not be a great tool for companies as well?

Companies could also benefit from Collaborative Articles, if their key employees actively contribute. Their opinions could be linked to the LinkedIn page of the company or be placed on an additional section.

Emo is also on the same page about this topic and he dove more into the creation of high-quality content, including articles and newsletters. The analytics tabs, which was recently introduced, provides useful information for the engagement of users and demographics data, which could be very useful for the content creators.

The implementation of this feature shows that the platform currently stimulates the sharing of high-quality written content,  instead of other formats like video.

At the beginning we mentioned our experiment – check out the episode to find out more and join, if you are interested. Here’s a hint: We are exploring whether the changes in algorithm are responsible for the decrease of the post impressions and whether this leads to less engagement.

Prepare your questions for next time, as the new episode will be on February 2!

You can listen to the full January episode here: