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Meet Daria Stoyanova: A Creative Force in Digital Marketing

In the bustling scope of digital marketing, each professional story weaves a tapestry of unique experiences and passions. Daria Stoyanova, our newest team member, brings a wealth of creativity and enthusiasm, illuminating our workspace with her vibrant energy. Daria’s journey into digital marketing was not a mere coincidence but a …

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Meet Raliy: The Sterdy Force Behind BookMark’s Ad Campaigns

BookMark’s ad campaigns are about to reach new heights with the addition of Raliy Yordanov to our team. As our new Senior LinkedIn Marketing Expert, Raliy brings nearly two years of experience representing the professional network and implementing highly effective digital marketing campaigns for various companies. But Raliy’s expertise goes …

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Meet Anna: The Creative Force Behind BookMark’s Design Team

Meet Anna, a new addition to the BookMark team! Anna joins us as a fully fledged BookMark warrior in our design team, and we’re excited to introduce her to you all. Anna has always been passionate about drawing, and she was a master of the „Guess What’s That Logo“ game …