Event Communication, Attractive Design, and AI in the last episode for 2023 of “Ask Us Anything About LinkedIn”

Posted on: December 8, 2023 Posted by: Tedy Dimitrova Comments: 0

Event Communication, Attractive Design, and AI in the last episode for 2023 of “Ask Us Anything About LinkedIn”

In the latest episode of BookMark’s podcast “Ask Us Anything About LinkedIn”, we gave the answers you’ve been waiting for. Our team led a discussion on the topics you are most interested in, according to the questions we’ve received lately. Event communication, attractive design on the network, AI were only a part of them. See the highlights.

Tedy enlightened us with tips for effective event communication, urging us not to underestimate the power of LinkedIn events. Backing your event with pre-discussion content on your profile adds a layer of anticipation.

“Target people who you know have specific interests and if you have time, write them a quick message. Don’t just go to the event and click “invite”!” – wisely advised Tedy.

Meanwhile, Nona painted a vivid picture of content creation, emphasizing the need to stand out. Her mantra? Capture attention with vibrant designs and opt for portrait-oriented posts that dominate the viewer’s screen.

Speaking of attractive content, we took a look at the cases, when we are not able to create designs, but we can take and post photos. So Daria challenged the debate on selfies, dispelling the notion that their allure is fading. With a resounding “no,” she echoed the importance of combining a captivating image with a copy that adds value. Daria’s insights reaffirm that the era of selfies persists, given the right conditions and a touch of authenticity.

“Selfies are something that we can still use. But of course, the are some very crucial conditions that we should obey with.” – shared Daria.

Dilyana chimed in, advocating for content diversity and urging creators to dominate the user’s screen, especially since a substantial 78% of users access LinkedIn on mobile. She pointed out the video format, highlighting that it is easily absorbed. She suggested using square videos, making them between 1 and 3 minutes long and adding subtitles because many users view them with sound off. 

Besides the content creation, we also focused on the way companies present themselves on the network, specifically when it comes to their page. Yana unveiled the potential goldmine in the Commitments section, a tool to attract talent aligned with your company’s values, as well as the workplace module. Alex, pondering LinkedIn’s future, foresaw a deluge of similar content. His prophecy? Quality will triumph over quantity, and standing out will hinge on anticipating the future.

“The Commitments section could help you attract the talent you are looking for and demonstrate your values. People want to have a purpose in their workplace and in the work they do so adding a Commitment section will help you attract young ambitious professionals who actually align with your company’s values and will stick to them.” – Yana pointed out.

When it comes to optimizing your LinkedIn page and attracting talent, some AI features may come in hand. Alex has introduced some of them – watch our episode during which he explains them in more detail. We’ve also answered our viewers’ questions, related to collaborative articles, the use of hashtags and more.

Join us for our next episode next year!