Tik-Tok Videos and Puzzle Games, New Ad Formats, and Personal Branding on „Ask Ask Us Anything About LinkedIn”, S2 E8

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Tik-Tok Videos and Puzzle Games, New Ad Formats, and Personal Branding on „Ask Ask Us Anything About LinkedIn”, S2 E8

Welcome to the fourth edition of “Ask Us Anything” presented by BookMark! In this episode, we delve into the intricacies of LinkedIn, offering insights into both expected LinkedIn updates, as well as the importance of personal branding and thought leadership. Joining us this time are Dilyana, Alex, Daria, and Emo.

LinkedIn’s Next Horizon: Dive into new features like Puzzle Games and TikTok’s popular video format

LinkedIn is stepping into uncharted territory with the introduction of puzzle games, sparking quite a conversation among professionals. While some raised eyebrows, wondering how games fit into the platform, others are watching closely to see the unfolding impact of new features. In the spirit of innovation that defines the future development of the professional network, LinkedIn starts a new project, similar to TikTok’s popular format.  Imagine getting short tips or industry information in just a few seconds – all subtitled for those hidden moments you can’t call in. It’s a smart move on LinkedIn’s part, resulting from our love for video, while maintaining its professionalism and informativeness. 

LinkedIn’s Innovative Ad Experiments: From Connected TV Ads to Live Event Ads

Alex shared insights on LinkedIn’s innovative ad formats, highlighting the introduction of CTV Ads. This groundbreaking approach combines the broad appeal of television with the nuanced targeting capabilities of LinkedIn, allowing your brand to make a memorable impact on the big screen, precisely reaching your ideal audience. Moreover, the meeting underscored the significance of LinkedIn’s new live event ad format, designed to enhance interaction. It presents an unparalleled opportunity for real-time engagement, seamlessly connecting your events with a broader audience to significantly boost attendance and participation. Whether planning a webinar, workshop, or motivational session, these live event ads promise to elevate the visibility and success of your gatherings.

Thought Leadership on LinkedIn and B2B Marketing

Producing thought leadership can be essential to win your future clients over in the field of B2B. The 2024 Linked and Edelman report brings forward some important data on the matter, which was summarized by Dari. By consistently sharing insightful, authoritative content we can win over 95% segment of the market that is not yet in the decision-making stage. That is because thought leadership content ensures we are remembered and establishes our brand. Not just any content will do though. It needs to address timely topics such as industry trends and news. It should also be backed up by data, offer solutions catered to our target audience, and offer them fast.

Establishing Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

Developing a personal brand on LinkedIn is an essential step to utilizing the platform. Emo offered us several key strategies to effectively showcase expertise and professional interests. First of all, you should define the purpose or what you want to achieve with your LinkedIn presence. Second of all, you should ensure your profile is fully optimized. Thirdly comes the content that you put forward: it should add value to your network and showcase expertise and insights. Last but not least, you should also actively engage with others’ content, as that improves your visibility and helps foster a sense of community. 

LinkedIn is constantly adapting and trying to better itself for its users: from the potential implementation of puzzle games and a Tik-Tok video feed to the addition of new ad formats such as CTV or Live Event Ads. But don’t forget that tried and tested insights about developing yourself and your brand with thought leadership content and through other means is still one of the key ways to utilize the platform strategically. 

You can expect the BookMark team again at the beginning of May for another exciting episode!

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