Premium Company Pages, LinkedIn Games, and Latest Reports on AI and LinkedIn on „Ask Us Anything About LinkedIn”, S2 E9

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Premium Company Pages, LinkedIn Games, and Latest Reports on AI and LinkedIn on „Ask Us Anything About LinkedIn”, S2 E9

The fifth edition for 2024 of „Ask Us Anything About LinkedIn” by BookMark was an unusual one, as this time, apart from the Bookmark team, presented by Alex, Dilyana, Tedy and Emo, Guy Strijbosch joined as a special guest. Guy is an experienced LinkedIn expert who was invited to share with us some insights on his latest trial on Premium Company Pages – a new feature of the platform. The episode was focused, as usual, on the latest news about LinkedIn and we spent a great hour discussing one of the latest features of the platform.

Premium Company Pages on LinkedIn: What are the special features and are they worth it?

Last month, LinkedIn launched their Premium company page subscription and Guy Strijbosch was among the first to conduct research on the new features and share his insights with the audience. The subscription offers some appearance-improving benefits like a gold LinkedIn logo, the option to add a personalised testimonial at the top of your page, and also have a visible call to action button, instead of one hidden behind the three dots on the basic pages. 

Two other features are the option for Premium Company Pages to create AI-assisted content, as well as a function for automatically growing network – when someone engages with your content, they receive an invitation to follow your page. You can learn more about the test trial Guy Strijbosch conducted in his post on LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn games: a source of productivity or just another passing trend

A few weeks ago, LinkedIn introduced three logical puzzles as a new feature of the platform, and Tedy did not miss the chance to challenge Guy on a weekend game tournament. Of course, the challenge was accepted and we cannot wait to see the results!

According to Guy Strijbosch, the games on LinkedIn are a two-way street. As much as they are a great way to take a break, become more productive, and can attract more young people to this social media, they do not benefit much the relationship between connections on LinkedIn and can distract the users from the main goal of this channel – to reach the right people for your business, share and get knowledge.

Is AI becoming more popular among companies?

Our Live continued with Didi sharing some insights from a research, made by LinkedIn and Microsoft, called “AI at Work Is Here. Now Comes the Hard Part”. You can read it by following this link. The research was based on a survey among 31,000 people across 31 countries. One of the results, which is not really surprising, is that 75% of the employees use AI at work, with 46% of them having started in the last six months.

Some of the main reasons people rely on AI are that it saves them time, lets them focus on more important things and also boosts their creativity. There is no doubt AI tools can be of great help, especially in digital industries, but it is important that companies focus more on training for their employees. We see a lot of AI-generated content on LinkedIn and not only, and it is quite obvious that it is not produced by a human, and when you are not thinking about the essence of the topic, and do not add anything from you, using AI becomes completely useless.

How has user behaviour on LinkedIn changed in the last few months?

The researches did not end here. In the last part of the Live, Emo shared some more data gathered lately on LinkedIn users and their presence in the platform. You can see the full research by following this link.

It turns out that more than half of LinkedIn users fall between 24 and 34 years old. That is great news but at the same time raises the question if companies really know their audience and tailor their content according to it.

Another interesting insight is that during the last year, the LinkedIn premium subscribers have increased with 25%. This result suggests that there will be much interest in the Premium company page subscription as well, as it is something new, and probably everyone would be looking forward to investigating how they can implement it and use it within their full range. 

What do you think about LinkedIn’s new features? Have you already started exploring the gaming on LinkedIn and how do you feel about it? Would you try the Premium Company page subscription and are any of the research insights surprising for you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

You can join our BookMark team again in the next edition of „Ask Us Anything About LinkedIn” on the first Friday of June! Watch the full May episode below or listen to it on Spotify.