Short Video Format, New LinkedIn Features for B2B Marketers, and The Importance of SSI in The Latest „Ask Us Anything About LinkedIn”, S2 E10

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Short Video Format, New LinkedIn Features for B2B Marketers, and The Importance of SSI in The Latest „Ask Us Anything About LinkedIn”, S2 E10

June started like any new month – with a new episode of BookMark’s livestream “Ask Us Anything About LinkedIn”. In the latest edition of the event, Alex, Dilyana, Tedy, and Emo discussed some of the brand-new features on the platform, including exclusive news for all the lovers of visual content. Is short-form video now a fact on LinkedIn? Read the recap of the live event below to find out!

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Exciting News for the BookMark Family

As you are probably aware, “Ask Us Anything About LinkedIn” is a format that discusses the latest news on the platform, but this time, the event started with some exciting news for the agency. This week, BookMark welcomed its 10th BookMarkee, Mariya-Nikol, a participant in our Linked Academy, who is now an official part of the team! We hope you can meet her soon, perhaps, in one of the next episodes of our live series. Another amazing piece of news for our team is that Emo was recognized as “Talent of the Year” in the field of “Marketing, PR & Advertising” by Talent Club BG and To The Top Agency. This is a great achievement and we are really proud to have him as a part of our company.

New Look of the Company Page Dashboard

Considering the title of our live series, after announcing all the important occasions for BookMark, it is not a surprise that the event continued with a question about the new look of the dashboard on company pages on LinkedIn. Didi and Tedy presented the changes and discussed how they will improve page management. For both of them, the change in the outlook was a bit of a surprise at first, but now they find it more compact and easy to use.

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What is the Future of the Page Inbox?

Last year, LinkedIn created the option for people to send messages directly to company pages. According to Didi, this is a feature that will soon be removed, just like LinkedIn Stories. Tedy shared the same opinion and suggested that companies should encourage their audience to message them directly.

Video Content on LinkedIn is Now a Fact

Alex and Emo talked about the launch of a TikTok-like video format on LinkedIn. As a representative of Gen Z, Emo finds this exciting and thinks that it is a feature that will bring more new people to the platform and encourage content creators to be more active there.

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Despite Alex having already shared a few times that he is scared of TikTok and what it does to youngsters’ brains and minds, he understands that LinkedIn is not a place for old people, and being the oldest social media platform, it has to be more up-to-date with the new generation. So he is excited to see where this new feature will take the platform.

This discussion got even more interesting with Emo challenging Alex and Tedy to create a video for LinkedIn until the next edition of “Ask Us Anything About LinkedIn”. Alex took the bet to the next level by suggesting they have until September to create a couple of videos each month. Tedy, who loves this content format and often makes videos for other social media channels, is also in!

You think this was the end of the challenge discussion? Think again! Even more criteria were added in the comments during the live stream – all participants have to check how much time it took them to create a video, to see if this type of content is easier and faster to prepare over some text or images. Will Tedy, being the most experienced in this field, beat the guys, or do they have some hidden talents? We can’t wait to find out!

The Wire Program

Speaking of videos, Alex shared the latest LinkedIn features for B2B marketers. The platform is currently testing the Wire Program with some large publishers, like Barron’s, Bloomberg, Business Insider, Forbes, LinkedIn News, MarketWatch, The Wall Street Journal, etc. With a 45% increase in video uploads on LinkedIn, this program is created for marketers to be able to promote in-stream video ads alongside trusted publishers’ content. Another interesting thing about this new feature is that it is currently being tested in the EU. For instance, another LinkedIn experiment, Connected TV, was first launched in the USA.

Is SSI Important for Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn?

As Emo is currently working on his master’s thesis about SSI on LinkedIn and its potential to indicate the development of one’s personal brand, the team discussed this matter next. In the episode, you can learn more about that free LinkedIn instrument, but if you need more information, do not forget that our services include LinkedIn training to help you get to know the platform better.

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According to Alex, SSI is a useful tool, but cannot be relevant enough to measure someone’s personal brand. The four pillars the index is based on are equal, and the main question is if the “establish your professional brand” pillar is as important as the “engage with insights” one. The next question is how LinkedIn measures and decides who the right people are from the “find the right people” pillar.

Tedy agreed that there is a correlation between SSI and the personal brand, but it should not be the only thing you rely on and it is not recommended to obsess over it – after all, SSI is just a number.

We are Testing Premium Company Pages on LinkedIn

In the previous episode of “Ask Us Anything About LinkedIn”, our special guest Guy Strijbosch talked about him testing the Premium Company Page, and Didi shared that this feature is now available for us, too. BookMark is now testing the Premium Company Page option with most of our partners, and we will soon share our insights.

At the end of the episode, Emo kindly reminded us to drink our water and promised to bring brownies next time he visits us in the office! It is now written here, so, Emo, darling, there is no turning back! You can watch the full episode of „Ask Us Anything About LinkedIn” here. Save the date July 5th for our last live session for the season!

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