Weekly Sharing Tracker, New AI Image Feature and Employee EQ in “Ask Us Anything on LinkedIn” S2, Ep.11

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Weekly Sharing Tracker, New AI Image Feature and Employee EQ in “Ask Us Anything on LinkedIn” S2, Ep.11

The most recent episode of “Ask Us Anything About LinkedIn” was the perfect end to the season! Yes, we are taking a summer break, and the next edition will be live in September. But before we all head off to the beach, Alex, Didi, and Dari shared all the latest news about the professional network.


The German Edition of Our LinkedIn Market Overview Reports is Live!

BookMark shares a report on the LinkedIn Market for Bulgaria once every three months, but now we announced the first foreign edition, dedicated to the German market! Alex went through the structure of the document, which is designed to be beneficial for CMOs and overall for marketers from different ranges of companies. However, the research can always be expanded, so we encourage you to download the German report, and if something important to you is missing, feel free to contact us so we can add it. We are also accepting suggestions for the next foreign market we should report on.

New AI Feature Shows Changes Made to Images Before Uploading on LinkedIn

Have you seen a small CR icon at the top left corner of visual content on LinkedIn recently? Dari explained this new feature, which is among the latest AI updates on LinkedIn. Once you click on this symbol, it gives you information on what changes have been made to an image through Adobe products before uploading. For example, if you are on vacation in Barcelona and decide to take a photo and share it on LinkedIn, your audience will be able to see where and when this photo was taken, and with what device. If you have made any changes to it, such as cropping the image or making a retouch, it will also appear once you click on the CR icon.


While this might seem a bit surprising and not particularly important for personal profiles and some industries, this feature is a great attempt at more transparency in the professional network, especially concerning fake news and important matters like politics or industry data. 

The Weekly Sharing Tracker – a New Analytics Tool

LinkedIn is constantly improving with new features, and one of the latest is the Weekly Sharing Tracker – designed to provide users with a comprehensive overview of their activity, such as the number of posts, comments, and contributions made on the platform.

Although this new tool is not yet available for everyone on the platform, Alex finds it quite intriguing and another attempt by LinkedIn to nudge users to be more active on the network. Didi also thinks that it will serve as a kind of motivation for her to be more active not only behind the scenes but on her personal profile as well.

Source: BookMark

What is the Biggest Struggle When Optimizing One’s Profile?

Speaking of personal profiles, a while ago BookMark created a poll asking, “What section of your LinkedIn profile do you find the hardest to optimize?” It was not surprising that almost half of the responses were related to struggling with the Headline and Summary. The other most common response was the Recommendation section. Didi and Dari shared valuable insights on how one can improve all these aspects of their profile and even mentioned one of our teammates, Lushi’s latest article – “Why is It Important to Ask for a LinkedIn Recommendation? Check Out 6 Perfect Opportunities to Seek One.”

The episode became even more interesting when viewers were encouraged to apply for a mini live profile audit. We had one volunteer who received a lot of useful advice from all three speakers. If you also want one, you can always reach out to us!

What is Employee EQ and How to Measure It?

Employee engagement is a whole process, and more and more companies are wondering how to engage more employees on LinkedIn. A few months ago, we started evaluating the employee engagement of different companies using LinkedIn’s competitor analytics data. Alex made a live demonstration on how, through a simple formula, the employee EQ can be measured.


Our last “Ask Us Anything About LinkedIn” episode for the season ended with Didi mentioning some big news coming for our company in the next few days. She didn’t reveal more but said it is something related to sea creatures. What do you think it is? Share your guesses in the comments! To watch the full episode of “Ask Us Anything About LinkedIn,” follow this link. In case you miss our live sessions, you can always go back to the previous episodes on our podcast. See you after the summer break!