LinkedIn’s Ads Library and New Features In the Second Episode of ‘Ask Us Anything About LinkedIn’

Posted on: October 11, 2023 Posted by: Яна Митева Comments: 0

LinkedIn’s Ads Library and New Features In the Second Episode of ‘Ask Us Anything About LinkedIn’

The latest features and the new ads database on the professional network – these were among the highlights of the second episode of the new season of “Ask Us Anything about LinkedIn” edition.

After we focused on AI-generated content in our previous episode, this time we took a new turn to LinkedIn Advertising. We revealed more details about LinkedIn’s Ads Library – the publicly available database that gives you information about ads that have run on the professional network.

Alex mentioned some of the ways we can find the content we are interested in. He explained and showed how we can do our search based on a certain advertiser (company), keyword, country, language and the period when the campaign was active. And how this can benefit our company, of course.

We can get pretty good data about what our competitors do on LinkedIn.

Besides the paid content on the platform, we have also discussed the new updates, related to the organic one. Among them is the increased number of images that can be uploaded in a single post, as a gallery. Their limit was 9, but now we can upload up to 20. Dilyana outlined that this is not only a great opportunity to share more of the photos you have taken during an event for example, but can also help you in the long run.

This option can increase your engagement, as every click leading to the next picture is counted by the platform.

Images is a great type of content, especially on certain occasions, but it is only one of the many available ones. We are often asked for recommendations on the topic and Dilyana shared her point of view.

Listen to what she shared and learn more about an interesting generative AI feature, presented by Alex.