AI-Generated Content and More Questions in the New ‘Ask Us Anything About LinkedIn’ Season

Posted on: September 7, 2023 Posted by: Яна Митева Comments: 0

AI-Generated Content and More Questions in the New ‘Ask Us Anything About LinkedIn’ Season

Revealing all you want to know about the professional network – that’s the main goal of our ‘Ask Us Anything About LinkedIn’ series. After we took a summer break, we came back with a new season, held in English. In the first episode we discussed some of the most thought-provoking updates and new features on the platform and answered the questions we received from you in the last three months. 

One of the topics our audience was mostly interested in was the AI use on the professional network, because of the introduction of AI-generated posts, job descriptions and other relevant updates to help professionals create engaging content. Alex shared that it will become much harder for all users on LinkedIn and on every other platform to differentiate originally created from AI-generated content.

Many people are scared by this, but I am somehow inspired, and I think this is the opportunity for every thought leader to be outstanding and talk about the business aspects he is an expert in, to post about the future of their industry and have a valuable opinion.

Speaking of thought-leadership, besides the organic content now the professionals can grab the attention even more with the new Thought Leader Ads. Yana revealed more about the new ad format, outlining how it can improve the personal professional brand visibility and help a company attract more people.

Using a leading professional to promote your brand, event or cause can help you reach your target audience easier and engage more professionals in the long-run.

Another way not only for thought leaders, but also for companies to shine on the network is through the already so popular format – Newsletters. LinkedIn has made some key updates on them and they kept coming up in the last weeks. Dilyana mentioned some of them, including having up to 5 newsletter, and shared her opinion on whether they can be a game-changer.

Think about your strategy first before jumping to multiple newsletters. However, if your followers have very different professional backgrounds, this can help you segment and engage them through different topics related to their industry and interests.

Watch our episode during which we talk more on the above mentioned topics and also demonstrate how you can fill the new workplace module and commitments section on your company page.