Custom Button Link, Website Actions and Мore Features In the 3rd episode of ‘Ask Us Anything About LinkedIn’

Posted on: November 8, 2023 Posted by: Яна Митева Comments: 0

Custom Button Link, Website Actions and Мore Features In the 3rd episode of ‘Ask Us Anything About LinkedIn’

LinkedIn is growing and so are the many opportunities we have, if we use the variety of tools in the most efficient way. This is what we focus on during the third episode of our series ‘Ask Us Anything about LinkedIn’. See the highlights in this article. 

Our new episode aired just in time – short after LinkedIn’s users hit 1 billion! Of course, we couldn’t go without sharing our excitement and opinion on the topic. For all of us this is a great milestone, which demonstrates that the platform continues to be a trustworthy and attractive network, valuable for all kinds of professionals and companies. 

It’s a good starting point to think bigger because you can reach a greater audience.

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One of the reasons for LinkedIn’s increased popularity is definitely the rolling out of new features and the improvements of existing ones. We took a look at some of them, including the Custom Button Link. As Yana mentioned, it allows premium users to incorporate one more call to action tool on their profiles.

As a creator, this is another great opportunity to reach out to more people, expand your audience,  and drive more engagement to your website.

Speaking of new things on the platform, we also commented on the updates regarding collaborative articles – a new type of content that went viral in the last few months. Yana talked about the notifications, received by users about contributions, made by their contracts and how this increases the visibility of their authors.  She also mentioned the new layout, where the contributor is put on the top of the article, as well as the so wanted ‘top voice’ badge.

After we discussed the activities related to users on the platform, we put the new opportunities for companies under the spotlight. Alex presented ‘Website Actions’ – a new feature, designed to measure user interactions with specific web pages. Alex outlined how it aligns with the evolving landscape of online tracking, offering valuable insights into user behavior while enhancing targeted audience engagement.

You can create more in-depth customer journeys to make your audience targeting more precise.

Check out the whole episode for more details on the topics we’ve covered. Be our guest on December 1st for our next episode and prepare your questions in advance.