20 years ago – on May 5th, 2003, Reid Hoffman started a little website called LinkedIn. Two decades later, it is the largest professional network worldwide and the object of passion for millions of users. We, as an agency focused on LinkedIn marketing, decided to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the platform with a number of resources that you can read and use. They are all BookMark-created and are available for free.

Happy 20th anniversary, LinkedIn!

With over 930 million registered users worldwide and 63 million companies, LinkedIn is the largest professional network.

We collected a number of stats about the platform and you can see them all in the Current State of LinkedIn infographic. Click here to see the full picture!

So you’re into LinkedIn but you still don’t know how to optimize your profile to make it work for your professional growth. We have something for you! We called it Satlo, short for Self Assessment Tool for LinkedIn Optimization.

We’ve been using this methodology for profile assessment with our customers for years and now it comes to you free with the support of The Linked Blog!

Just click here and you’re ready to start!

How long is a 20-year period for a business organization? And how long is it for a social media platform?

You may (although we bet you don’t) remember what LinkedIn looked like in 2003, but the a sure you’d like the comparison we have for you here – just scroll left-right.

Plus, we’ve collected some important dates in LinkedIn’s history – from the very launch on May 5th, 2003, through the IPO in 2011 to… Click here to see the full timeline!