Who are we?

We started as the first Bulgarian book marketing agency. Then we became the first LinkedIn marketing agency in Bulgaria. We have never considered change as something scary, but instead as a driving force that helps us grow.

When the whole world was shut down in 2020, we didn’t waste any time and started optimizing our partners’ digital communication right away. We were fast and agile enough when a lot of other people weren’t. That’s why our partners had more time to recover. 

We grow while sharing our knowledge. Each new team member agrees in advance that they will share much of what they have learned here with a wider audience. We believe in the motto “I want to learn everything” instead of the much more limiting “I know everything”. We invest in talent and in those who have it. We dedicate dozens of hours each week to training and encouraging young professionals who want to be part of a bold and curious family. 

We are barely ever satisfied. We always strive to improve, to deliver better and bigger ideas to our partners. We want to keep on learning more and more. We’re always changing. And at the same time, we influence and change our surroundings. 

These are the #ImportantThings. Let’s find them together!