Join the First Cohort of The Linked Academy!

Posted on: February 12, 2024 Posted by: Alexander Krastev Comments: 0

Join the First Cohort of The Linked Academy!

It is time for a new journey! BookMark, the first LinkedIn marketing agency in Bulgaria, is looking for the next BookMarkees among LinkedIn enthusiasts and digital marketing students. We are enrolling in an academy created specially for you – we are launching The Linked Academy!

Our motto is #TheImportantThings and considering the important things, we focus on effective LinkedIn communication, providing a full range of services – from corporate trainings, through LinkedIn optimization, to building a strategy custom-tailored to the goals of our clients. We’d love to teach you everything we know about LinkedIn and experiment together.

Already caught your interest? You want to know more about the academy?

The Linked Academy, organized by BookMark, is an intensive 7-week course that aims to find those who have an interest in the professional network LinkedIn. If you are ready for a new career challenge and you decide to join our academy, you will be able to learn a lot of new and useful information about:

✅ LinkedIn personal profiles – how to optimize, develop and maintain a healthy LinkedIn profile;

✅ Corporate pages on LinkedIn – how to create winning strategies on LinkedIn and write effective posts and articles for LinkedIn Pages;

✅ Creating content on LinkedIn – what are the essentials of a LinkedIn calendar and how to create one yourself;

✅ Analyzing data – how to dig deeper into the data you will have in front of your eyes, so you can draw conclusions and adjust strategies according to the information;

That sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?

Enrollment for the academy is 100% free of charge and the application deadline was 01.03.2024. Sign up for the academy now, as we are on the hunt for the next shining stars to join the BookMark team post-academy. Each applicant will be given a task to complete towards their application to the academy. 

In the end up to two participants will be invited to join the BookMark team! 
Apply from this now, as tomorrow it may be too late. We are looking forward to working with you!