The Greek Vinsanto Late Release 2001 Won The Grand Trophy For The Best Balkan Wine

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The Greek Vinsanto Late Release 2001 Won The Grand Trophy For The Best Balkan Wine

Vinsanto Late Release 2001 of the Greek winery Estate Argyros was named the best wine in the Balkans at the moment. The decision of the expert jury became clear during the traditional award ceremony, called “Balkan Wine Oscars”, at the tenth-anniversary edition of The Balkans International Wine Competition and Festival (BIWCF).

The most prestigious award in the Competition was presented by one of the special guests of the Festival – the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Prof. Dr. Hristo Bozukov. Along with him on the open stage in the festival Wine Town in front of the National Palace of Culture was the new chairman of the BIWCF jury – the Serbian judge and wine expert Igor Lukovic.

“It’s always a huge pleasure to come to Sofia, but this time it’s also a huge honour. 10 years are behind us and I’m sure that the next 10 will be even better. The Balkans International Wine Competition, thanks to Galina Niforou, shows us what we can do when we are together. And it’s not only a story about the quality of the wines, of the terroirs, about diversity, quantity of the bottle, etc. It’s a story about friendship and working together”, said Lukovic and ended his short speech with a humorous remark about the rainy weather in Sofia: “Let’s show today that we appreciate wine more than water!”.

The Serbian Ambassador in Bulgaria Zeljko Jovic came on the stage to take the trophy for the best orange wine (Vinarium Pinoranz 2019, Vinarium Winery, Serbia) on behalf of his compatriots who couldn’t travel to Sofia.

“I think that events like The Balkans International Wine Competition and Festival are the best places to strengthen the ties between people, to drink the best wine, to have sweet conversations with nice people. I wish you health and success and as a Serbian ambassador in Bulgaria, I hope all the awarded wines will be Serbian and Bulgarian”, said with a smile Jovic.

The trophy for “Best Winery in the Balkans” was awarded for the second year in a row to Suvla Winery from Turkey. The award is given to the winery that has won the most medals in the competition.

At the end of the ceremony, BIWCF Director Galina Niforou announced the next host country for the competition. In 2022, the jury of the wine forum will evaluate Balkan wines in Greece.

„I’m sure that the Greek wineries and authorities will make this event amazing next year. It is really beautiful to travel around all Balkan countries and have this event. It gives us the opportunity to get to know each other, make friendships and to promote the Balkan wines”, said Galina Niforou.

Here is the complete list of trophy holders in the different categories:

  • Best Label Design Trophy – Carmenere 2019, Chateau Kamnik, North Macedonia
  • Best Special Wine Trophy – Nalozhen Pelin, Yalovo winery, Bulgaria
  • Best Organic Wine Trophy –  Tamjanika Selena Orange 2020, Plavinci winery, Serbia
  • Best Dry White Wine Trophy – Museum Collection White 2019, Gerovassiliou, Greece
  • Best Dry Red Wine Trophy – Artisan Syrah 2016, Brzanov winery, 
North Macedonia
  • Best Dry Rose Wine Trophy – Heritage Rose de Noir 2020, Edoardo Miroglio, Bulgaria
  • Best Sparkling Wine Trophy – Brut Blanc de Blanc 2016, Edoardo Miroglio, Bulgaria
  • Best Orange Wine Trophy – Vinarium Pinoranz 2019, Vinarium Winery, Serbia
  • Best Dessert Wine Trophy – Vinsanto Late Release 2001, Estate Argyros, Santorini, Greece
  • Best Semidry Wine Trophy – Jeruzalem Ormoz, Rheinriesling 2020, Puklavec Family Wines, Slovenia
  • Best Semisweet Wine Trophy – Grasa Dulce – Vinoteca 1985, Cotnari, Romania
  • Best Indigenous Red Wine Trophy – Gamza 2020,  Vidinska Gamza, Bulgaria and Barovo Red, 2018, Tikves Relais & Chateau, North Macedonia
  • Best Indigenous White Wine Trophy – Canava Hrissou, Assyrtiko Santorini 2018, Tselepos Winery, Greece
  • Best Indigenous Dessert Wine Trophy – Monemvasia – Malvasia From Barrels 10 years, 2011, Monemvasia Winery, Greece 

The other participants in the contest with a record number of samples won double gold, gold, silver and bronze medals. The awards for best wine by country – Best of Show – were announced after the end of the competition in Skopje. During the official “Balkan Wine Oscars” representatives of the Bulgarian winner – Roxs Winery, and the Turkish – Chamlija Winery – took personally their awards.

Here are the awarded Best of Show wines by countries:

  • Albania – Merlot 2018, Belba Winery
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina – Collection Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot, 2018, Fazan winery
  • Bulgaria – SM by Snejana Mutafchijska 2018, Roxs Winery
  • Croatia – Prisbus Reserva 2018, Baraka Winery
  • Greece – Afoura Santorini Assyrtiko 2019, Anhydrous Winery
  • Kosovo – Grand Rahova Reserve 2019, Labi wines
  • Montenegro – Stari Podrum Vranac 2013, Plantaze winery
  • North Macedonia – Signature Merlot 2017, Grand Reserva, Chateau Kamnik
  • Romania – Issa Sauvignon Blanc 2020, Crama La Salina
  • Serbia – Dina Grasac Sparkling 2018, Vinarija Vinum
  • Slovenia – Brut Seven Numbers, Puklavec & Friends
  • Turkey – Asticus Mons Cabernet Sauvignon 2018, Chamlija

The Balkans International Wine Festival is open until June 19, and welcomes the residents and guests of Sofia in the specially built Wine Town in the park in front of the National Palace of Culture. In addition to getting acquainted with some of the most interesting wineries in Bulgaria and the Balkans, wine lovers will have the opportunity to taste the award-winning wines in a special Golden Tent.

 The Balkans International Wine Competition And Festival 2021 is taking place with the support of Sofia Municipality, the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Wines of Macedonia, as well as with the media support of All Wine Stories, Vino & Fino magazine, Sofiaadventures, Visitskopje, Vinopedia,, In your pocket,, Autentika, Turističke priče,  Moto Pfohe Rent a Car,,,,, списание твоят БИЗНЕС, b2b,,, Agro TV, Стандарт,, White Water, АИДБ,, Жената днес,,,,,,, Bulgaria Wine Тours, Bulgaria Wine Тours, Fresh Cuts of Life,, Exotic Wine Travel,,,,,, Литературен клуб „Перото“, Екопакс.

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